10 Thoughtful Bereavement Gifts

Over two million people die every year in the US. 

When that person is someone close to you, their deathwill changeyour life forever. If you know someone whose loved one has recently died, then showing that you care and are there to support them isthe best thing you can do.

But, you may be wondering how you do this. Everyone responds differently to grief, but ultimately, telling your friend that you’re thinking of them is enough.

If you also want to give them something, consider one of these bereavement gifts to show them that you care.

1. A Bunch of Sympathy Flowers

This is a classic bereavement gift that is simple and respectful. You can guarantee that your friend will receive a lot of flowers during this difficult period.

But,flowers are a great way of remindinga bereaved person that a lot of people care about them.

If you know your friend well, choose their favorite flower. Alternatively, beautifulsympathy flowers include lilies, orchids, carnations, or white roses. Findbeautifulflower arrangements, here.

2.A FoodBasket

When someone you love has died, it becomes very difficult to look after yourself properly. Therefore, show your friend that you’re thinking of them by providing them with food.

Consider a bakery basket, a week’s worth of frozen meals, or a voucher for their favorite takeaway. No doubt, they will appreciate thisgift immensely.

3. A Memory Jar

Why not buy your friend a memory jar or a dedicated notebook so that they can jot down a happy thought when it comes to them?

By writing these moments down, they can return to this keepsake when they are feeling strong and ready to remember the past.

Forgetting little, important details is one of the hardest aspects ofa loved one’s passing. This helps cherish those momentsforever.

4. Hire a Little Help

If you know that your friend isgrieving and struggling to look after themself, then why not hire a cleaner who can come in a few times per week to help them out?

If you know your friend well, you may consider paying for a few sessions with a bereavement therapist. This could help them learn to cope with their loss.

5. Give a Donation

Over 600,000 people die of cancer every year. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a cure. If your friend’s loved one died of cancer, consider donating to a charity that supports sufferers of this disease. 

These Bereavement Gifts Show That You Care

When we know someone who is grieving, it can be hard to know what to say to them. But, simply sending a letter or popping round for a cup of tea is often enough.

Your friend will feel better just for knowing that they have someone to listen to them during their time of need. This isthe ultimate of bereavement gifts.

When someone close to us dies, we are forced to think about death. Now is the time to consider planning your own funeral so everything is as you would like it to be after you pass.