3 Fun Things to Do in Pennsylvania With Family

Do you and your family have a trip to Pennsylvania planned due to the loss of a loved one? Are you visiting relatives and need a list of things to do in Pennsylvania before you arrive? Do you call Pennsylvania your home, but need some ideas of what to do with family for a new adventure to boost positivity aftersuffering from a lossin the family?

Thankfully, there are many wonderful Pennsylvania tourist attractions to visit and places to explore! Before you pack your bags and load up the car, be sure to know what different activities are available. Then, create an itinerary of all the fun things you want to try with your family.

To find several ideas of what to do in Pennsylvania, continue reading below. Here’s our list of must-do activities while in the state.

1. Take a Philly Cheesesteak Tour

It’s no secret that Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is known for its Philly Cheesesteaks. While in the area, you must stop and try a few great cheesesteak spots. If your family loves a good cheesesteak, then you’ll want to take the Philly Cheesesteak tour.

One of the best ways to explore South Street, the Italian Market, and Society Hill is via Segway. Take your Segway on a complete Phill Cheesesteak tour while sampling various cheesesteaks from all locations!

2. Plan a Weekend at Hersheypark

Hersheypark was originally built by the founder of Hershey Chocolates to offer a place for the Hershey Company’s employees to relax and have some fun. The park is now open to the general public and is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Here, you’ll find 121 acres of attractions and other things to do for the entire family.

Inside this theme park filled with awesome rides, you’ll also find a zoo, a museum, various shows, a chocolate town, and lots of shops and restaurants as well. You can also find a good amount of accommodations nearby as well, so be sure to book a room because it’ll take you an entire weekend to explore this theme park. 

3. Relax at Presque Isle State Park

If you’re looking for a more relaxing outing, then Presque Isle State Park is the place to be. Here, you’ll find the best family beaches in the state. Relaxing on the beach isn’t the only thing you can do here, however. 

There are lots of things to do, such as going boating or kayaking. There’s also a variety of lagoons to explore and the option to go hunting and fishing as well. Don’t forget to take the entire family on a tour of the lighthouse before sitting back and watching the kites fly by.

Depending on the weekend, you might even catch a park event!

Know What Things to Do in Pennsylvania For a Great Time

When planning on spending some time in the state, be sure to know about all of the wonderful things to do in Pennsylvania. Prepare a list of must-see or must-do things and plan a family outing that everyone will remember. Then, be sure to contact us at Kuzo and Foulk Funeral Homes.

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