4 Things to Remember When Choosing a Funeral Song

Funerals offer family and friends an opportunity to remember, celebrate, and bid farewell to their deceased loved ones.

And the music they play during the funeral service makes all the difference! Not only is music naturally emotive, but it can also set the tone, convey feelings where words fall short, and add a comforting sense of structure to the ceremony.

The hard part’s deciding what to play…

Do you want some help with this important task? Well, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll detail 4 key things to remember when choosing a funeral song.

1. The Individual

Were there any tunes, songs, hymns, or soundtracks that your loved one was particularly keen on? Maybe they hummed a particular melody all the time or sang along to something on the radio whenever it played? Perhaps they had a favorite band who had an iconic song they danced around the room to.

Whatever the case, this could be a natural choice for their funeral music. The personal significance makes it a special and poignant way to honor their memory.

2. Family and Friends

You may know the individual’s music preferences like the back of your hand. Nevertheless, it’s still worth asking friends and family for their ideas too! This is for two reasons:

First, they knew your loved one as well and may have additional awesome song ideas you hadn’t thought about. Second, they’re likely to appreciate being included in this decision. Remember, this is a time for togetherness; choosing a funeral song offers a unique opportunity to be with each other at this difficult time.

3. Their Music Library

If you’re still running low on song inspiration, then another option is to consult the person’s old music library. Assuming you have access to it, you’ll be able to see exactly what they enjoyed listening to. On some platforms, there might even be statistics on how often they played certain songs!

Why not base your decision on what you find? Whether it’s their collection of CDs, vinyl records, or the music on their mobile, you’ll get a sense of which tracks held meaning for them.

4. The Lyrics

Before you settle on a funeral song, we encourage you to listen to it one more time, paying close attention to the lyrics. Trust us, it’s amazing how often the words can seem suddenly inappropriate in the context of a funeral!

You don’t want to upset anyone in mourning, so take the opportunity to check them beforehand. You could even visit one of the many websites that post song lyrics to ensure they’re suitable.

Choose the Best Funeral Song Possible

Picking a funeral song can be far harder than many people expect.

With any luck, though, the suggestions in this article will make your life a little easier. Keep them in mind and it shouldn’t be long before you have the perfect playlist in place for the memorial service.

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