4 Tips to Make a Powerful Funeral Slideshow

After a loved one has passed, everyone enjoys being able to remember him or her in the best ways possible. We want to celebrate his or her life by remembering all of the good times. One of the best ways to do just that is creating a memorable funeral slideshow.

A memorial slide show is a heartwarming way to celebrate your loved one’s life in which everyone can be a part of. Not only will everyone attending the memorial service have the opportunity to view the slideshow, but they can all come together to help you create it as well.

Continue reading below for 4 tips on how to make a power funeral slideshow.

1. Gather Photos from Everyone

Before you even begin to put a slideshow together, the first thing you want to do is gather photos from everyone. This includes family and friends. Although you may have enough photos of your own to create an entire slideshow, you’ll want to include everyone in the making of it.

Other people will have amazing photos of your loved one that show his or her true happiness and personality. It’ll also help make the slideshow more touching when everyone feels like their bond with the loved one is being shared. You might also come across photos of him or her that you’ve never seen before.

And chances are, they’ll make you laugh or smile.

2. Use Them to Tell a Story

Now that you’ve collected all of the photos from friends and family, take these photos and place them together to tell a story. For example, you can take childhood photos from his or her parents and begin the story using childhood photos. Then, move on to photos that show his or her love for friends and family.

You can then complete the story by using photos that show your loved one’s life passions whether it be a sport, traveling, or more.

3. Insert Meaningful Music

Don’t forget to add meaningful music into the slideshow as well. Choosing the right music is an important step in creating a celebration-of-life slideshow that everyone will remember. One option you have is to use music that meant something to your loved one.

Does he or she have a favorite song? Is there a song when every time you hear it, it reminds you of them? You can also opt for soothing music that can softly play in the background.

Play around with it for a while and decide which one works best for the photos and slideshow in general.

4. Use Smooth Transitions and Automatic Loops

When tying it all together, be sure to use smooth transitions and automatic loops. Smooth transitions from slide to slide will give a calming and peaceful effect. It allows viewers to focus on the memories that the photos provide and not so much on the slideshow’s mechanisms.

Using automatic loops means that the slideshow will play without you having to click on anything. It’ll go from slide to slide and from finish to start again without anyone needing to be in control of it.

Celebrating Life with a Funeral Slideshow

A funeral slideshow is a touching way to celebrate a loved one’s life. With photos gathered from friends and family and music that’s meaningful to your loved one, your slideshow will stay in everyone’s hearts.

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