5 New Year’s Goal Setting Tips

Christmas has come and gone, and thousands upon thousands of people have turned the corner with a green light mandate toward their New Year’s resolutions.

Proceed with a yellow light for this reason — a mind-blowing 92% of people who set New Year’s resolutions never go on to bring them to fruition. 

All is not lost. Most people fail because they don’t set proper goals.With somegoal setting tips you can chart a path toward becoming one of the 8%. thatachieve their New Year’s resolutions.

Keep reading so that you properly handle your goal setting for all of 2022 and beyond.

1. Envision Your Ideal and Work Backward

Before setting your goals, dream about your ideal life.

Think as big and as grand as you’d like. If you’re thinking big picture, consider the amazing things they’re going to write in your obituary when it’s all said and done based on the amazing life you lived. 

Maybe you have a dream career, goals to find a spouse and start a family, huge financial aspirations, or other visions for your life. Even the grandest life aspiration can be chunked down year by year.

Consider what a transformative 2022 looks like for you and map out what you have to do each quarter, month, and week you’ll have to do to make it a reality.

2. Resolve to Commit to and Complete Any Goals You Set

Many people are jaded about New Years resolutions because most say things and then forget about the resolution once the holiday high wears off.

That has become a cliched norm in the fitness world. Everyone knows that early January is the worst time to go to the gym because the New Year’s resolution crowd packs it out. Machines are scarce and everything is crowded.

By about two weeks to three weeks tops, the gyms have emptied out and gone back to normal — because in that short amount of time, most peoples’ fitness New Year’s resolutions have already come to an end.

Commit to finishing what you start so you can stay the course.

3. Set Goals That You Can Measure

Most people don’t achieve their goals because they make them too open-ended.

Learning the best methods for setting goals will make sure that you achieve them. Measurement is the best gift to give yourself when you’re trying to achieve your goals. 

Set deadlines for your goals, what work needs to be done, and chunk them down into small sprints that add up. From here, measure every part and make corrections when necessary.

4. Start a Journal to Go With Your Goals

Achieving goals is a journey that can take a long time, lots of tedium, and several ups and downs.

Writing in a journal each day has brain health benefits because it helps you map out and add a hierarchy to your doubts and fears. Life becomes a little bit less scary when you map out everything on your mind with clarity and detail. 

Even if you don’t have answers on how to solve the problem, seeing it plainly on the page takes it from out of your head which can create stress response and anxiety.

Journaling also improves your memory, sharpness, and mental clarity. You’ll improve your mood and will adopt a stronger emotional resolve.

5. Create an Accountability System Around Your New Years Goals

Finally, take your dreams and add an accountability system. Tell someone you can trust about your goals and have them hold you accountable.

When possible, start an accountability group of people all striving for something. Have weekly check-ins and rewards and encouragement to get through it all.

It’ll shock you to see how leaning into the love and community of others is sometimes all it takes.

You can also consider creating penalties for yourself whenever you don’t achieve one of your objectives.

Master Your Goal Setting for the New Year

Goal setting takes organization and perseverance. However, what one person can do, another can do. All your goals are unlocked when you start with the points in this article.

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