5 of the Most Beautiful Winter Flowers

Humans have had an attraction to flowers for thousands of years. Studies show even back in Ancient Egypt, flowers were carved into gravestones. 

With our love of flowers so ingrained, it’s no surprise we want to have a little pop of color in our gardens during the winter months. Winter flowers and shrubs can be found in the coldest months of the year, and some even bloom when there’s still snow on the ground.

Want to know what flowers to look for in the colder months? Keep reading! We’ve compiled a list of a few favorites.


Hellebore, also known as Lenten roses, usually appear around mid to late winter. They come in many colors from white, to red, to black. 

Taking care of Hellebore is relatively easy, and they are aesthetically pleasing to boot. Animals like deer also do not find this a tasty plant, so you don’t have to worry about them being gobbled up.

A word of warning, Hellebore is poisonous. Keep children and pets away if you decide to add this gorgeous bloom to your garden.


These beautiful flowers appear in early spring and tend to pop their heads up when snow is still on the ground. Despite their delicate appearance, they are quite hearty and stand up to the varying temperatures at the end of winter and early spring.

Want to add these to your garden? Plant them in the fall for a winter and spring bloom.

Black Tulips

Black tulips are gorgeous and eye-catching in any flower arrangement. Most people associate tulips with spring, but they also withstand colder temperatures. 

If you want some of these beauties in your garden, try planting them in late winter, and they should poke their heads out in early spring.


These tiny, generally purple flowers tend to bloom when there is still snow on the ground. Once planted, these little flowers come back year after year and are quite resilient.

Plant Crocus in an open sunny position. They can go in the ground anytime between September and November if you want them to appear in early spring.

Winter Jasmine

These winter flowers grow on a medium-sized shrub. The long branches are covered in bright yellow flowers that bloom in late winter.

This type of jasmine is not fragrant but looks beautiful in the dull landscape of winter. It is relatively low maintenance, so if you are looking for a gorgeous winter bloom you barely have to take care of, Winter jasmine might be for you.

What Winter Flowers Are Your Favorites?

Even in the middle of winter, we can still see the beautiful heads of winter flowers popping through the snow. It’s a reminder there is rebirth and beauty during the darkest times. Choose the best flowers for your garden, and watch them come to life.

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