5 Self Care Tips When Dealing With Losing a Friend

Losing a friend is one of the hardest things we have to go through in life. In most cases, it comes suddenly and unexpectedly, and it feels as though there’s nothing that could make the feeling go away.

It’s almost indescribable, but the reality that we have to deal with sometimes. We’re going to explore some self-care habits that you should focus on during this time that can help you keep a clear head and maintain your sense of self through the grieving process.

Hopefully, sticking to some of the habits below can help you process and adjust to life again.

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up for Grieving

Many of us are taught to feel like strong emotions shouldn’t last for too long, and that it’s a weakness if we feel intensely for long periods of time. Keep in mind that everyone grieves in their own way, and there’s no timeframe on how long it takes to effectively deal with our emotions.

Whatever you’re feeling, feel it unashamedly. Others will understand, and it’s not your problem if they don’t.

2. Speak to Someone

Loss is something that most people aren’t trained to talk about or process. Just because someone has gone through this process with you doesn’t mean that they can be your full support system.

These situations are absolutely serious enough to warrant the search for some help. Sitting down with a counselor might be one of the best things you can do for yourself right now, even if it feels like something that you’d rather not do.

3. Celebrate the Person

Losing someone too soon is often a catalyst for somber talk and perceptions about the situation. It’s truly a sobering experience, but that doesn’t mean that all of the wonderful parts of the deceased are absent from our lives.

They lived, and they brought joy to your life in numerous ways. Try summoning up the joyful memories and thoughts about the person you loved and hold them up.

We are fortunate enough to have had these people in our lives, and that’s something to keep in mind.

4. Make Your Bed, Bathe

Grief puts all else aside and takes center stage in our minds. The process gets more difficult if our lives start to crumble under our feet as the result of the grief, though.

Do what you can to keep yourself healthy, but try to keep a tidy space and bathe yourself at the very least. This just keeps you in a state that’s manageable and rooted in normality.

Self-care is important, especially in the face of difficult experiences like grief.

5. Connect with Others

Finally, do your best not to isolate yourself from the others in your life who are feeling similar things. You might have been the closest person to the one who passed, and others might not understand just how this experience affects you.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from the insight of others or help them with their grief, though. Dealing with loss is significantly easier when you don’t do it alone.

Dealing With Losing a Friend?

The process of losing a friend and grieving that person is complex. It’s hard to know just how to grieve or where to turn. We’re here to offer information on grief if it’s what you need at this time.

Explore our site for more information on grief, dealing with proceedings, and more.

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