5 Tips for Planning a Funeral Service That Perfectly Honors Your Loved One

Planning a funeral service after you’ve lost someone can be difficult. While you want to pay them the proper respects and celebrate their life, the thought of planning can be overwhelming. That’s where this handy guide can help get you started.

From the type of funeral service to the food, flowers, and speeches, these great tips will help you plan a funeral you can be proud of. We’ll go over everything you need to know for how to plan a funeral that honors your loved one.

1. The Type of Funeral Service

There are several different types of funeral services. A traditional funeral may include a viewing, as well as a service at the cemetery of your choice. There are also cremation services, graveside ceremonies, and a variety of religious services and accompaniments. You can also combine a number of these options to best suit your needs.

2. Make Funeral Planning Personal

The most important piece of planning a funeral is making it personal. In addition to choosing the type of services, you’ll also want to add some personal touches. This phase may include things such as who will be speaking, doing a reading, or officiating.

Photos are another great way to personalize a funeral. You can put together a digital slideshow, make poster boards, or put frames around the room to showcase your loved one. Families can help coordinate photos together to bring photos from all different times in their life. 

Music is another way to honor your loved one. You can play a playlist throughout a viewing or pause for a special song during the ceremony. Music can also be played at various points during the service.

3. The Atmosphere

Flowers are a beautiful way to honor your loved one. They make the room brighter and help to add a personal touch. You can choose their favorite flowers or use their favorite color to make it unique to them.

In addition to flowers, candles, or items personal to your loved one can be displayed. This can help make the atmosphere more personal and add to the celebration of their life.

4. Food and Catering

Wakes, funerals, and ceremonies can make for long days. Sharing food with your guests and family can help make sure meals are taken care of. No one will need to worry about where to eat or how to get food delivered. 

5. Funeral Services Should Celebrate Life

The most important aspect of a funeral is making sure it celebrates the life of your loved one. Whether it’s through the services, a luncheon after, or a special tribute, honor your loved one with a tribute to the life they lived.

Planning a Funeral Service for Your Loved One

Planning a funeral service doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Your funeral professional can help walk you through the process and plan every detail. Whether it’s through the service, a special song, or music, think of this day as a celebration of life. Choose a location here to get started planning the perfect service to honor the one you love. 

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