6 Healthy Ways to Deal With Sadness

Sadness is by no means new to the human condition.

If you are dealing with the ever-fluctuating emotion of sadness, the fact is, you’re not alone. Coping with hard times is a fight that many have won, and you can too.

Read on to discover six healthy ways to deal with sadness.

Talk It Out

Often, one of the best methods of how to deal with feeling sad is to talk about your feelings.

Turn to those who know you best — close family or friends. Turning to a caring family member or friend can help lessen the sadness you feel by sharing your thoughts and feelings with others.

Not only that, you may find a sense of relief in discovering that often, they feel the same way you do. It can help build a positive network of care and support that we often need when learning how to cope with sadness.

Write It Down

Many who have dealt with loss have experienced a great amount of relief by keeping some kind of journal of their feelings. It creates a private place to go to where you can honestly express yourself and transfer negative emotions to another place.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

When experiencing moments of grief, we tend to neglect our physical well-being. Loss of appetite, sleep, and other symptoms may plague us, which only makes us feel worse.

Make sure to establish a set bedtime. Put away electronic devices at least an hour before you go to bed to give your mind a chance to relax and unwind.

Also, try to have a regular routine of healthy eating habits and exercise. One study showed that 53% of adults feel good about themselves after exercising, and another 62% said that exercising or walking helps relieve stress.

Even taking a daily walk can help boost your mood and get you thinking positively again.

Get Involved

Do you like to cook, paint, or play an instrument? Involve yourself with a hobby, read a good book, or volunteer for a local organization. This can keep your mind focused on positive activities.

Take Time to Relax

This may seem like a difficult time to achieve with a busy schedule, but finding the needed “me” time can influence our mood.

Try aromatherapy, take a hot bubble bath, or spend some time in nature. A good “time-out” on an otherwise hectic schedule can give you a moment to regroup and focus on the positive.


Taking even a weekend to get out of town for a break can help revive your mind. And if you find yourself like many others with restrictions on traveling due to COVID-19, there are many options to “travel” virtually.

See a concert, be a part of a virtual tour, take an online class— the possibilities of extending our horizon are endless, and will help banish sadness.

Deal With Sadness in a Way That Works for You

There is no set formula on how to deal with sadness, and each individual is different. That being said, try different tips (or a combination) that works for you until you find the perfect fit. It can be a process, but it’s a process you can succeed in.

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