7 Fun Holiday Ideas to Have the Happiest Season Possible

Christmas comes but once a year. This year, the holidays couldn’t come any sooner.

2020 has been a difficult year. But the holidays give us a chance to unwind. Even with COVID, you can still share the holidays with your loved ones.

Here are seven fun holiday ideas, so you can have the happiest holiday season possible.

1. Eat and Cook Meals

Food is the great equalizer. Eat the meals you like.

Don’t worry about “bad foods” and “good foods.” The holidays are a time for you to have fun, so have fun and eat. Return to your favorite recipes, and try out new ones.

Cook for your friends and family. Have a meal outside. Drop off dishes at their houses.

2. Move and Exercise

Exercise is a great way to boost positive thoughts. Put on a coat and go out for a walk.

Invite your loved ones. Walk in an area where there are a lot of decorations. Pick your favorite ones.

If you need some alone time, drive out someplace and take in the scenery. Being out in nature calms the mind.

3. Watch Movies

If the weather outside is frightful, fire up a movie. Holiday movies are their own subgenre. Watch a different movie every day.

Go outside the mainstream and pick a movie that is lesser-known. Put up a poll on social media and have your friends vote on their favorites. Write a review for each one you watch. 

4. Read a Good Book

If you don’t like holiday movies, read books. Go to your local library and select a best-seller or a work from a local author.

Open Library offers millions of free books. Sign up for an account and you can download any book in their collection. 

Invite your friends to read aloud. Read a chapter or a page and pass the book around.

5. Find Other Holiday Ideas

The holiday season is a season for a reason. There is more to celebrate than Christmas and New Year’s Day. 

Vanilla Cupcake Day is November 10. Bake some cupcakes for yourself and your friends.

National French Toast Day is November 28. Cook some French toast for brunch.

Letter Writing Day is December 7. Find a penpal and write a letter to them.

Find some holiday activities that you haven’t done before. Then do them.

6. Decorate

Purchase a Christmas tree and wrap it with ornaments, tinsel, and lights. Go to your local store and find some lawn installments.

You can also decorate with snow. Build a snowman or fort in your yard. Arrange icicles into shapes or spell out messages with them. Dye your snow and make art with the different colors.

7. Give to Others

The holiday season is a time for giving and sharing. Consider giving experiences instead of objects for presents. Cook meals, go out on walks, and watch movies with your loved ones.

Donate to charities and food banks in your area. Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen.

Live a Happy Life

You have many holiday ideas to choose from. Eat the foods you like, walk to places you like, and watch the movies you like. Explore new holidays and decorate your home to celebrate them.

Look forward to the holiday season and the new year to come. Be hopeful. Read this guide on living life to the fullest

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