8 Popular Sympathy Plants and What They Mean

Losing someone is always hard. The grieving process is different for everyone but there’s one thing that always seems to help, and that’s having the support of others.

One common way of showing the family of the deceased that you care and that you’re here for whatever they need is by giving them sympathy plants. However, it’s important to know the meaning behind each flower before you choose one.

Keep reading to learn about eight commonly used funeral plants.


Lilies are the most commonly used flowers in funerals and they represent the peace and purity of the soul of the deceased. For religious people, this flower also symbolizes renewal and rebirth.

Although you can find lilies of different colors, for funerals, it’s typical to use the white ones.

2. Roses

Similar to lilies, roses are a common flower choice for funerals and, when white, they also symbolize purity and innocence. However, unlike lilies, you can choose roses in other colors:

  • Yellow: as a symbol of friendship.
  • Dark pink: as a symbol of gratitude.
  • Red: as a symbol of love.

3. Orchids

Orchids are quite simple plants but the meaning they hold couldn’t be deeper: eternal love. If you’re giving sympathy flowers to a family member or friend of the deceased, it’s best to go for white or pink orchids.

4. Gladioli

Gladioli flowers are a symbol of strength. By giving them to a grieving family member or friend, you’re reminding them that, although times are hard now, they are strong, they’ll get through this and you’re there for them whenever they need some support.


Carnations are commonly used in funeral wreaths and each color has its own meaning. White carnations symbolize innocence, red ones represent love and affection, and, for Christians, pink ones are a good choice, since it is believed they were created from the tears of the Virgin Mary.

6. Hyacinths

For a funeral, it’s appropriate to choose purple hyacinths because they represent regret and sorrow. If you want to keep it simple and just show the family that you too feel the pain from this loss and that you’re there for them, then hyacinths are the right sympathy flowers.

7. Violets

If your loved one passed away unexpectedly and at a young age, violets are the right choice of sympathy flowers, since they’ve been referred to in many pieces of literature as a symbol of those who pass away too soon. The flower also represents delicacy and modesty.

8. Forget-Me-Nots

With a pretty self-explanatory name, choosing forget-me-nots is the perfect way of telling the deceased, as well as their family and close friends, that you’ll always remember them and that they will always live in your memories and those of their loved ones.

Choosing the Right Sympathy Plants

Now that you know about the eight popular sympathy plants and their respective meanings, it’s time to reflect on your relationship with the deceased, as well as the message you want to express to their family and choose your bouquet accordingly.

It might seem like a trivial thing to do in hard times of grief, but it’s in gestures like this that the family and friends of the deceased find comfort and strength.

Check our flower arrangements and find the perfect one for your loved one.