A Complete Guide to Funeral Flowers

Dealing with the death of a loved one is inevitable.

Families are expected to celebrate their loved one’s life while struggling with grief and arranging their personal affairs. It can get stressful.

Choosing funeral flowers may seem like a trivial matter in the grand scheme of things, but you want to make sure you pick something to perfectly symbolize how you feel about your deceased loved one.

Knowing the types of funeral flowers and their meanings will put you on the right track to choosing something your loved one would appreciate.

Types of Funeral Flowers and Their Meanings

Planning a funeral isn’t easy. Fortunately, creating an arrangement of funeral flowers doesn’t have to be difficult.


Lilies are possibly the most popular funeral flower because their color suggests that the deceased has returned to a state of peace and innocence.

White lilies symbolize purity, sympathy, and innocence. They have a distinct smell that you will likely recognize from previous funerals and funeral homes.


This popular funeral flower is versatile because each of the colors represents different things. Red roses convey respect and love while white roses symbolize humility, innocence, and youth. Pink roses signify love and appreciation.

A bouquet that involves many colors can represent respect while a single rose signifies undying love for the deceased.


This flower is especially decorative with its ruffled petals, so it’s a popular choice when creating funeral wreaths.

Red blooms represent affection while white blooms represent innocence, but carnations can be arranged into symbols and pictures to represent your loved one’s life.


These big, colorful blooms represent heartfelt emotions. They come in a wide variety of colors so you can choose a combination that conveys what you’re feeling that your loved one would also have found attractive.

If you buy a potted plant, it can easily be replanted by your loved one’s immediate family.


These delicate flowers represent everlasting love and beauty. They beautifully stand on their own and don’t have to be put in a bouquet.

White and pink orchids represent sympathy, but orchids come in a variety of beautiful colors. Find one you think your loved one or their immediate family would like.


These small, colorful flowers are the perfect accent to any bouquet. As their name suggests, they represent remembrance for your loved one.

Deciding the Best Flowers for a Funeral

Creating a floral arrangement for a loved one can be a kind of therapy. Things may seem chaotic, but choosing funeral flowers can help you feel more in control.

You want to celebrate your loved one’s life, so choose types of funeral flowers they would like. You know your loved one best, so pick a color they would love and a meaning that would resonate with them.

If you’re still at a loss or too busy managing your grief to choose your own funeral flowers, our funeral florist can help you with your tribute.