A Life Well Lived: A Guide to Celebrating the Life of a Deceased Friend

We always hear about the number of deaths each year. But, what about the people left behind? Up to four people for every dead person is deeply affected by the loss.

The death of a dear friend is one of the hardest things to cope with in life.

And yet, we don’t have to simply grieve and become depressed. There are also many ways to celebrate your friend’s life.

When you have suffered a terrible loss, it’s difficult to keep hope and high spirits. Here’s our guide to celebrating the life of a deceased friend.

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1. Share Stories of Your Friend

You may find it comforting to share stories of your friend with other people who knew him or her. Regularly meet up and exchange memories with each other.

Nobody knows him or her quite the same way you did. You can tell other people about the adventures and experiences you shared together.

If you grew up together, you may have amazing childhood tales. Were you work colleagues? This may be a side of your friend other people didn’t know.

Sharing stories and laughing and joking about the wonderful times you enjoyed together can really cheer you up when remembering your friend.

2. Display Pictures of Your Friend Everywhere

People say that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You need to keep the memory of your friend alive by displaying pictures that remind you of your friend.

This is can be photographs of your friend and you together. Or, perhaps you have a wonderful portrait of your deceased friend as a youth.

You could also display pictures of things they loved as well.

For example, maybe there is a scene of a place to went on vacation together. What about a photo of their favorite breed of dog?

3. Keep Mementos of Your Friend

You can also celebrate the life of your deceased friend by keeping mementos of them. This can be anything that brings you joy.

Maybe you have the watch that they always wore or a book that they cherished. Remembering that they loved this item can make the possession even more prized.

3. Something Outside for Your Friend

Do you have space in your backyard?

You could plant a small tree or bush as a monument to your deceased friend. If you prefer, you can build a bench or chair to sit on and contemplate their life.

Every time you look into your garden, the item will spark a memory of your friend.

5. Choose a Day to Celebrate Them Annually

When you lose a friend, it can be difficult to spend your whole life celebrating them. You can’t do this every day. But, you could choose one day per year that you think about them and celebrate their life.

This could be on a special day. For example, the day you met or their birthday. This can help you continue to celebrate your deceased a long time after their death.

Celebrating the Life of a Deceased Friend?

The devastating loss of your friend can never be truly overcome. However, you can choose to see this as an opportunity to celebrate their life.

With our tips on celebrating the life of a deceased friend, you can make sure your memory of your loved one stays alive.

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