Advice for Getting Your Affairs in Order

Imagine you’re getting ready for bed one night and you smile as you take a deep breath, thinking about the wonderful rest you can’t wait to get. You brush your teeth, kiss your loved ones goodnight, and settle into your soft fluffy sheets.

Suddenly you’re awake in a hospital room and a whole day has gone by that you don’t remember.

If this seems scary, that’s because it is. Imagine, though, how scary it could be if like 60% of Americans you didn’t have a plan. Your family would have no idea what your wishes were while you were unconscious.

It is scary—but getting your affairs in order doesn’t have to be more than you or your family can endure. Keep reading on for advice on how to get your affairs in order.

Getting Your Affairs in Order: Why?

End of life planning and putting your affairs in order are things that people put off until it’s too late. If you don’t prepare it’s your family and those you love most who suffer.

Living wills and durable power of attorneys (DPAs) are not always complicated. What sometimes can complicate are our wishes is the unknown. It’s loving to give your family this kind of guide.

You can sleep easy knowing that everyone involved understands their role.

Let’s Begin With the End

Most people don’t have a big estate to divide and feel that wills aren’t something they need to bother with. The questions also seem endless, such as which marker or monument to use when you’ve passed.

A good lawyer can walk alongside you and give you the benefit of their knowledge and experience. The process doesn’t have to be painful.

If you don’t prepare these things in advance, you’re giving power to the courts. Who wants that?

Living Will or DPA?

Advanced directives are documents like a living will or durable power of attorney. This allows one or more individuals to make decisions for you when you’re unable to make them on your own.

When there’s a question of someone who does know your wishes but hasn’t been given your powers, it’s too late. Meeting with a lawyer or getting expert advice doesn’t have to break the bank and may save you your dignity at a vulnerable time.

There are many kinds of advanced directives, so make sure you know your options and what they do and don’t do.

Let’s End With the Beginning

Imagine now that you’ve woken up in the hospital. You know everyone followed your wishes because you had a DPA. If something were to happen, everyone knows you were proactive—your affairs are in order.

Instead of tears of fear when you wake up there are tears of joy. The joy that you’re back with them. You can focus on recovery and getting back with your life.

When you’ve been successful in getting your affairs in order the relief of knowing it’s all been prepared in advance is substantial.

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