All About the Order of Service Funeral Holders Typically Follow

Take a deep breath. Inhale for a count of 4 seconds and exhale for a count of 7 seconds. Feeling more relaxed? Good.

During difficult times it’s important to take a few moments of your day to practice self-care and relaxation – like trying a deep breathing exercise. It makes funeral service planning less stressful and overwhelming.

Before getting into the details of the funeral, you’re probably wondering about the order of service funeral homes usually offer. Read below for everything you need to know to plan an organized funeral service.

Order of Service Funeral Homes Follow

The order of service depends on the type of funeral – religious, non-denominational, informal, etc. While religious funeral services have prayers and hymns, informal funerals may not.

Below is a quick description of each element in the traditional order of service funeral guide. Take these elements and decide which you might like to include to ensure you have the best funeral services possible. If you are still feeling unsure talk to a reputable funeral home that can help you decide.

Musical Prelude

Music is a nice way to start the service and give people time to find where they are going to sit or stand for the remainder of the service. You can choose your own music or work with someone at the funeral venue to decide on an appropriate prelude.


The introduction can be performed by a minister, family member, or friend. It is a way to thank people for coming to the service. The introduction is usually a few minutes long.

Prayers/Scripture Reading

After the introduction, there is time for prayers and/or scripture readings. The readings can be from anything but people often choose passages from religious scripture.

For a non-denominational funeral, you might consider readings from a poem or book instead.


During a funeral service, it is common for someone to read the obituary for the deceased. This is a prewritten tribute in remembrance of the deceased. A family member or close friend may read the obituary.


A eulogy is a speech remembering the life of the deceased. A family member usually delivers the eulogy. The length and tone of the eulogy vary depending on the setting and the person speaking.


At the end of a funeral service, the person leading the service will offer closing remarks and acknowledge attendees for coming. After the closing, people are often invited to a reception of some kind following the service.

Sometimes a closing includes a benediction or blessing before people exit the service.

Viewing of the Body

If you have opted out of cremation services, a viewing of the body may take place. You can also choose to cremate a body after the funeral if you wish to host a viewing.

Preparing to Say Goodbye

It’s hard to lose a loved one. But hosting a funeral is an opportunity to remember the deceased and reflect on the good memories you have. 

The steps above reflect the standard order of service funeral holders follow but there is room for some customization based on where you host the service and what you want to do in tribute of your loved one.

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