Celebrating Life: A History of the Irish Wake

Are you looking for the best way to celebrate your loved one? An Irish wake is a traditional ceremony that allows family and friends to say their goodbyes while celebrating the life of a lost loved one. Irish history is steeped in struggles and tragedy so it’s no surprise that the Irish wake came about as a way for people to deal with grief while celebrating life.

Take a look at everything you need to know about the Irish wake.

What Is an Irish Wake?

An Irish wake is deep-rooted in Irish culture but the funeral custom is used all around the world. In the history of an Irish wake, when a loved one dies, the family stays with the body at their home until it is collected by the funeral providers. The Irish wake is typically held at the family home.

What to Expect From an Irish Wake?

Many people describe an Irish wake as a bittersweet experience. Although the event can be somber and full of sorrow, it can also be full of joy. In addition to mourning the person who has passed, it’s also an opportunity for celebrating life.

Many family and friends will share stories of their loved ones and are often encouraged to share humorous stories. It’s common to find both tears and laughter at an Irish wake.

The family of the deceased usually offers food and drink to all in attendance and often raises a toast to the deceased. It’s usual to see people drinking and hear music playing at the wake. Irish culture is full of alcohol and music and a wake is no exception.

Connecting With Others

Remembering a loved one is a great opportunity to connect with others and share experiences. Emotions are often high during a funeral which makes it an excellent time to reach out to others and honor the deceased. Sharing stories is a great way of bringing joy to an otherwise sad event. 

It can be a great comfort to the family of the deceased to hear stories they may not have heard before and learn things they may never have known. For many people, an Irish wake can be life-affirming.

Put Your Loved One in Safe Hands

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Planning Your Irish Wake

Planning an Irish wake can be a big task so you must get all the help you need. It can be an overwhelming time but you don’t have to do it alone. Why not contact us at Kuzo and Foulk to discuss how we can help you through this difficult time?

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