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Get Back to Feeling Like Yourself Again: 5 Self-Care Ideas to Try

Me time is now.

Even when times are easy, it can be hard to feel like yourself. But even as you’re caring for other people, you should care for yourself.

Self-care is for everyone.You can get back to feeling just like yourself, and you can do so without inconveniencing others.

Here are five self-care ideas for you.

1. Go Outside

Leaving your home provides so many different health benefits. The skin synthesizes vitamin D through sunlight, allowing tissues to function and grow. Breathing fresh air clears out your lungs and lowers your blood pressure. 

Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Take a jog or go swimming if you want more aggressive exercise. Even moderate exercise improves heart and muscle health.

If there’s a park or nature preserve nearby, visit it. Visits to green spaces decrease anxiety and promote positive thinking.

2. Breathe

Deep breathing is a tried and true method of self-care. Find a place where you can sit or lie down comfortably.

Take a normal breath, in and out. Then breathe in through your nose, letting your chest and belly rise with your expanding lungs. Now breathe out slowly through your nose.

Combine deep breathing with visualization. Picture helpful and happy images in your mind’s eye.

If you prefer words, think of an affirming word or phrase as you breathe. If you like music, play soft and calming instrumental music in the background. Breathe in calming scents like orange oil, which can help you reduce anxiety.

3. Eat and Drink Well

Eating healthy and full meals is an essential self-care strategy. Berries and peppers promote brain health, while nuts reduce inflammation and promote digestion.

You don’t have to eat the same food every day. Give yourself a treat every now and again. Try to make a change to your diet for the week, like adding extra veggies each meal.

You should also try to stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water. If water is too bland, infuse ice water with fruit juice or spices.

Drink non-caffeinated tea. Tea lowers anxiety and fatigue. You can infuse your tea with spices like cinnamon for added flavor.

4. Read, Watch, and Listen

Reading books promotes creativity and open-mindedness. New books arrive in the marketplace every week, sokeep informedabout the latest novels. Go to your local library and create an account so you can rent out books.

Watching movies is another great way to promote creativity and positive emotions. You can rent movies from a streaming service, or you can go on YouTube and other websites and find movies. Listen to music every day to encourage creative thinking, and dance to music to improve heart health.

5. Find More Self-Care Ideas

Self-care is a continuous process. The care you need now may be different from the care you need a month or a year from now.

Keep reading about self-care activities and ideas. Talk to your loved ones about what they do to take care of themselves.

No one activity will work for everybody.But there is a strategy for everyone to find. The only way to find that strategy is to keep looking.

Take Care of Yourself

Now is the time to help yourself. There are hundreds of self-care ideas out there for you and your loved ones. Start today.

Go outside and get in some exercise. Do deep breathing, and eat and drink well. Read books, watch movies, and listen to music while you find some more self-care ideas.

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