Grave Decorations: What To Consider When Choosing Them

Did you know that there are many official holidays in the United States that call for the decoration of graves? Although you do not need a holiday as an excuse to visit a loved one’s grave, you can still take tips and grave decorating etiquette when you pay your respects.

You may be wondering what types of grave decorations are appropriate to leave a loved one’s grave when you pay them a visit. Here are some of the most common items for decorating the grave and how they can be meaningful.

Fresh and Artificial Flowers

Perhaps the most popular grave decoration is bringing flowers to lay for your loved one. A bouquet of flowers can add a bright splash of color to an otherwise austere look of a grave or cemetery.

You can pick up fresh flowers from almost any grocery store or convenience store. Although they are more expensive, they offer a pleasant scent and can be a beautiful addition to any gravesite.

Another option is buying artificial flowers. These types of flowers are usually more cost-conscious, and they also tend to last longer. You can leave artificial flowers and they may be there for several more visits.

Grave Blanket

If you live somewhere that has extreme weather, then you may want to consider a grave blanket for a respectful grave decoration. Grave blankets are usually made of greenery and other accents, and protect the grave during cold and harsh weather.

Grave blankets tend to be more popular around the holidays when the weather gets colder and people miss their loved ones more. You can even make your own grave blanket and customize it with things that would please your loved one.

Engraved Rocks or Stones

With a great personal touch and respectful grave decoration, you can engrave rocks and stones with your children to place at the grave. These are natural decorations that should not wear away when exposed to the elements. You can even have a stone professionally engraved to create a beautiful, permanent decoration.

Flags For Veterans

On almost any national holiday honoring service members, cemeteries will bring American flags and place them on the graves of veterans. Some of the most common observed federal holidays are Veterans Day and Memorial Day.

If you have a flag that is specific to your loved one, such as their rank, military status, or branch, then you can put it on their grave as well. Make sure to have a sturdy flag that will stay when stuck into the ground. Cemeteries sometimes have size limits on flags as well.

Find the Perfect Grave Decorations

You should not need to worry about grave decorations when you go to visit a loved one’s grave. With these ideas, you can make their grave beautiful and unique, no matter your budget or style.

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