Honoring a Loved One: The Significance of Floral Tributes

Did you know that Americans purchase around 10 million fresh-cut flowers every single day? While many of these flowers are given for birthdays, anniversaries, and other events, they are also used for floral tributes.

Are you considering making a floral arrangement for your loved one, but do not know where to begin? Here is some background and information on tribute flowers, and tips on how to design beautiful memorial flower arrangements.

What are Floral Tributes?

Funeral flowers have been present as long as humans have been burying their loved ones, for tens of thousands of years. In historic times, some speculate that the flowers helped to mask the scent of decomposition.

Today, floral tributes serve the purpose of decorating a funeral service, placed at the burial site or given to the family of the deceased. Many people view memorial flower arrangements as a visual way to show your love and respect for the person who died.

Color Matters

The color you choose for your tribute flowers is important for the message you want to convey. For instance, red flowers represent devotion and love. If your family member was a spouse, parent, or child, then you can lay a bouquet of roses to signify your love for them.

Friends and distant family may want to pick a color that signifies their relationship to the deceased. Yellow and orange represent joy, warmth, and friendship. If you want to give the floral arrangement to the family, then consider choosing blue, for sympathy and grief.

Types of Flowers

Similar to the color of the tribute flowers, you can also send a strong message with the type of flowers you choose. The spouse of the deceased may opt for roses, a classic bloom that represents love and endless devotion.

If the family is religious, calla lilies are a great option, as they are representative of rebirth and resurrection. Another option is to give a type of flower that speaks of optimism for the future, such as an iris or an orchid.

Tips For Floral Tributes

Funeral homes often have flower service to take care of arrangements during the service and burial of your loved one. You can also contact your local florist to order a specific bouquet designed with a grieving family in mind.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a floral arrangement, you can do it yourself with an online tutorial. Buy the appropriate flowers and arrange them in a unique way that honors your loved one.

Find the Perfect Tribute Flowers

When you visit your loved one, you should not have to worry about memorial flower arrangements. You can design floral tributes that symbolize your love and honor their memory as well.

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