How to Arrange the Most Beautiful Funeral Bouquets

Flowers flourish everywhere. Americans bought $954 million worth of potted flowering plants in 2019. This number accounts for only a fraction of the flowers Americans purchased that year.

One reason why flowers are so popular is funeral bouquets. They serve as simple yet profound gifts for grieving families and friends. Yet learning how to arrange a funeral bouquet can be tricky.

What are good funeral flowers, and what makes them good choices? What colors of flowers should you consider? What arrangement works best, and what should you attach to your flowers?

Answer these questions and you can find the perfect gift for the ones you love. Here is your quick guide.

Select Flowers With Resonant Meanings

Many funeral flowers have symbolic meanings that can make a funeral bouquet special. Most people are aware of roses and their associations with love. They are good choices for the funeral of a significant other or close family member. 

White lilies represent purity, suggesting that a person’s soul is perfect and at peace. People who are not aware of lilies can still enjoy them, as they have a strong and pleasant smell.

You may combine several flowers together in a bouquet. Try to find ones with similar meanings. You should also try to match the textures of flowers so someone looking at them does not find them jarring.

Find the Right Colors

Many people think of black when they think of a color for funerals. But black flowers can be stark and imposing.

Blue flowers are less foreboding. They can suggest sadness, but they also indicate peace. Blue sympathy flowers include hydrangeas and carnations.

Purple flowers are symbolic of respect and admiration. They are good choices for the funerals of mentors or older adults.

If you want to combine different flowers together, you should pick a range of colors. Feel free to mix some red and orange flowers with darker ones.

Pick the Perfect Arrangement

Learn about buying funeral flowers before you pick an arrangement. An arrangement can be expensive, and you can find many different options for a funeral bouquet.

A nosegay is a small bouquet that someone carries in their hands. Nosegays are common at weddings, though you can give one for a funeral.

A standing spray is an arrangement of flowers on an easel. It can serve as a location to leave presents or cards from the family. For a Christian funeral, you can find a standing spray in the shape of a cross.

Whatever arrangement you choose, you should attach a card to your flowers. You should write a short message that describes your thoughts and sympathy for the family.

Arrange Your Own Funeral Bouquets

Funeral bouquets can be very special. Each type of sympathy flower has its own meaning. Do your research and find a few flowers with related meanings for your bouquet.

Colors also have symbolic purposes. Do not just think about dark colors. Bright colors like light blue and red can be uplifting as well as meaningful.

Nosegays and standing sprays are ideal arrangements. Make sure you leave a card that wishes the family well.

You don’t have to arrange a bouquet on your own. Kuzo and Foulk Funeral Homes serve Pennsylvania residents. Contact us today.