How to Choose Flowers for Funeral Services

Since antiquity, we have used flowers to commemorate important events. More than 51,000 Americans work as floral designers. They prepare flowers for birthdays, weddings, and funerals.

Many people feel that the best funeral services are incomplete without flowers. Yet those same people struggle over what the best flowers for funeral service are. There are many different choices befitting the many different funeral services a person can have.

But you can narrow your options down. You just need to familiarize yourself with a few key factors. Here is your quick guide on picking the right funeral flowers.

The Meanings of Flowers for Funeral Service

Each flower has a different meaning attached to it. You can bring virtually any flower to any funeral service. But bringing a flower with special significance is a wonderful way to show your support to the grieving.

Lilies are among the most popular flowers for funeral service gifts. They are long-standing symbols of peace and hope for their serene appearance.

Chrysanthemums symbolize several things at once. They can suggest sorrow, but also loyalty. They are good for a family you are close to and want to maintain your connections with.

Roses suggest different ideas depending on their color. Yellow roses symbolize friendship. White ones suggest innocence, while red ones suggest grief.

Orchids also depend on their color. Pink flowers suggest grace and purple ones represent dignity and respect for elders. Orchids can be maintained for over 100 years, underscoring their symbolism for undying support.

Note that certain cultures regard certain flowers differently. In East Asian cultures, chrysanthemums symbolize luck. Read about the culture of the deceased and their family and adjust your selection accordingly.

Picking an Arrangement

Once you’ve selected your flowers, you can select your arrangement. You need to put thought into your choice and select one that associates well with the event.

Standing sprays are arrangements attached to a vertical stand. They sit next to the casket for use during the service. Immediate family members buy these.

Casket wreaths go on top of the casket itself. Immediate members of the family also purchase these.

You can purchase a wreath for a family member or close friend. Wreaths go to the funeral home and may be displayed alongside the casket.

Cross arrangements are available for religious services. For secular events, you can select an arrangement in the form of a heart.

Attendees who are not close to the deceased or family should buy a basket or bouquet. These can go to the family themselves.

You can purchase arrangements through a funeral home, or you can tie flowers together yourself. Making your own arrangement is a great gesture to show how much the deceased meant to you.

Check to see that the family wants flowers. If they want you to donate to a cause in lieu of them, make a donation. If they don’t make a request, consider bringing food instead.

The Right Funeral Flowers

Finding flowers for funeral service is important. Break your choices down into the types of flowers and arrangements.

Each flower has its own symbolic meaning. Lilies, the most common funeral flowers, suggest peace and hope. Keep in mind that these meanings differ from culture to culture.

Immediate family members can buy wreaths and standing sprays. Close friends and relatives can also buy them. Distant relatives can purchase baskets or food for the family.

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