How to Decide Between Cremation and Burial: The Pros and Cons of Each

If you’ve ever contemplated your own death, chances are you’ve thought about what will happen to your body after you die. Will you be buried or cremated, and which one is better?

Cremation and burialare two of the most popular options for laying someone to rest. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of each and how to decide which one is right for you.

Pros and Cons of Burial

Burial is one of the most widely accepted ways to lay someone to rest, and it’s easy to see why. The deceased’s loved ones have a chance to say goodbye at a funeral and have a place to visitin the coming years. For many people, the idea of their body decaying underground or being reduced to ash is upsetting, and modern embalming techniques can keep bodies well-preserved for many years.

But if you’re worried about the environmental impact of your death arrangements, burial, especially with embalming, is one of the worst ways to go. Embalming fluid is toxic to the environment, and many caskets and coffins are not biodegradable. A burial can also be very expensive.

Pros and Cons of Cremation

Cremation is perhaps the most popular alternative to traditional burial. This option can be more affordable than a burial, and it gives you a variety of options for how to lay your loved one to rest—scattering of ashes, cremation jewelry, internment, and recycling, to name a few. Cremation also gives you more time to plan memorial services, which can be helpful for families that have to travel a long way

Many people find the idea of cremation distressing, however, and it’s easy to get talked into spending as much money as you would on a burial. In terms of environmental impact, some people argue that cremation releases just as many toxic gases into the atmosphere as burial does into the ground. And some families may find that holding a memorial service with an urn of ashes doesn’t provide as much closure as an open casket service.

Choosing the Right One for You

Choosing the right death plan for you is a matter of what’s most important to you and your family. If you don’t like the idea of being in a box underground, you could have a funeral, be cremated, and then have your ashes scattered somewhere important to you. If you would rather have one final resting place, traditional burial may be an excellent option.

There are also variations on either approach that can address some of your concerns. If you don’t like the environmental impact of burial, green burial with no embalming and a biodegradable coffin is becoming more popular. If the idea of your body being destroyed in a fire distresses you, some services can compost your body, transforming it into rich soil that can be used to nourish new life.

Learn More About Cremation and Burial

Deciding what happens to your body after death is a very personal process that requires a lot of careful thought. Knowing the pros and cons of cremation and burial can help you decide which best lines up with your desires.

If you’d like help making your final arrangements, reach out to us at Kuzo, Foulk, and Cleveland Funeral Homes. Our experienced staff of funeral directors will assist you in planning a service that will allow you to focus on what is truly important—healing and remembrance. Take a look at ourresources for planning aheadand make sure your eternal rest is exactly what you want it to be.