How to Find Love Again: Tips For Dating After the Death of a Spouse

A spouse’s passing is enough to shake up your entire world. It may feel as though a piece of your heart is now missing.

Rest assured, these feelings are normal. You can also take comfort in knowing that heartbreak isn’t forever.

While you’ll always love your spouse, it’s okay to move on. Here are a few essential tips for dating after the death of a spouse.

Keep Your Spouse’s Memories Alive

Although your spouse is gone in a physical sense, your love for them is very much alive. And that’s how it should be.

There’s no shame in holding onto old items that once belonged to your loved one, or telling stories about your happiest moments together. In fact, doing so is healthy.

As you begin to put yourself out there again, don’t feel as though you have to forego talking about your spouse. A good partner is one who understands and respects the love you had.

Give Yourself Time to Grieve

The grieving process looks different for everyone. For some, the process lasts years. For others, a matter of months.

There’s no right or wrong way to grieve, as long as you’re doing so in a healthy manner. Make sure you have an emotional outlet.

You may want to consider speaking with a grief counselor or attending group meetings. The latter is fantastic for making you feel as though you’re not alone in your grief.

But whatever you do, understand that there’s no reason to rush into anything. You’ll find love when you’re ready.

Don’t Give in to Outside Pressure

Finding love on your own time sounds wonderful. However, you may run into situations where your friends and family, as well-intentioned as they might be, make a bad situation worse by pushing you to meet someone or chastising you for dating again.

Both situations can cause serious turmoil and fray relationships. But at the end of the day, you don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Your life is yours to live and no one else’s, so don’t let anyone else dictate your choices.

Allow Yourself to Be Happy

Of course, sometimes the worst guilt trips aren’t the ones that come from friends or family, but the ones that come from our inner monologue.

Psychologists note that this self-talk makes a tremendous difference in our mental health, so we must pay attention to our thoughts.

Understandably, you may feel guilty for falling in love again. But rest assured, you deserve happiness and your partner would want you to live a life of fulfillment.

Mending Your Heart: Dating After the Death of a Spouse

Dating after the death of a spouse can be equal parts messy and wonderful. Take everything one day at a time and remember that you deserve a happy life.

We’re here for you in this trying time. For information on the funeral or cremation process, or to learn how you can erect a monument to your loved one, make sure to get in touch.