How to Personalize a Funeral Service

Funerals in movies and shows have a very strict and specific methodology. Black outfits, no colors, and the same chair layout almost every time. It’s often a somber tone, which is fitting given the circumstances.

The truth is, people seldom ponder dealing with death. A quick look at history provides an entirely different angle on the definition of a funeral service. In the past, civilizations approached the endeavor in a variety of ways.

You don’t have to follow the portrayed norm, per se. It’s ok to get creative and express your affection for a loved one during a funeral. Here are a few great funeral service ideas and how you can personalize without crossing a line.

Music Selection

Small musical performances at funeral services are quite common. Some traditions call for bagpipes, while others turn to singing. For this option, you can select the one that fits best.

However, you don’t have to stick to the norm. Many times a person will request a specific song for their passing. Consider fulfilling the request.

You don’t need much. Invest in or take a small sound system to the event. Play the requested song when you feel it fits best.


Instead of reflecting the emotions surrounding the event, imagery should represent the person that passed away. It’s a chance to celebrate their existence with tangible portrayals.

Old photographs, their high school football jersey, and other personal keepsakes are best. Sometimes a few decorations involving their life passions work, as well.

Faith’s Role

A funeral service is a ritual. It’s a time to gather, remember, and say goodbye. Religion plays a pivotal role in the transition from this world to the next.

Consider respecting the beliefs of the deceased. For followers of Christianity, you’ll want a priest. Islam and Judaism have similar approaches.

If this person was an Atheist, don’t worry. Refrain from calling in religious services and opt for an alternative format. It’s ok to pray if you’re of faith, though.


Personalization isn’t just about colors, imagery, and attire. Every variable in organizing a funeral counts. This includes the schedule for speeches, a priest’s arrival, and more.

Close relatives usually share a few words to say their goodbyes. Don’t be afraid to invite guests to do the same. It’s an opportunity for people close to your loved one to open up.

One interesting example for additional participation involves a white poster. If speaking is too hard, consider providing markers for everyone there. Each person can, when they feel the time is right, walk up to the poster and write their thoughts.

Create a Unique Funeral Service

A funeral service is simple enough in concept, but the details are everything. The guests, imagery, music, and religious involvement all matter on an equal level.

There’s no right way to host such an event. But, if you focus on what matters most to you and your loved ones, you can create an amazing experience.

If you’re stuck on the topic of imagery, call a funeral decorator for assistance. They’ll lend you a hand in figuring out what will work best for you.

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