How to Plan the Perfect Funeral Service

From actor Bela Lugosi being buried in his Dracula cape to being buried with your bike, funerals can be unique to your needs.

You might wonder how to plan a funeral service. While it might seem overwhelming, there’s hope.

This article will go over how to plan the perfect funeral service. Read on to explore these tips, and have the right funeral service to remember your loved one.

1. Making Arrangements

First, you’ll need to decide between cremation services vs burial. Many Americans are now choosing cremation over burial, since it’s more cost-effective, has no time constraints, etc.

After deciding this, you’ll want to choose a funeral provider for the service. Some states do require you to use a funeral home for your service.

To find the best funeral services, take a look at the location, how comfortable you are with the funeral provider, and the packages offered.

2. Budgeting

Who will be paying for the funeral, and are there any funeral instructions in the will? Does your loved one have savings that they want to go toward the funeral? Keep your budget in mind as you’re planning the funeral.

3. Reach Out To Others

Speak to close friends and family of your loved one to determine flowers for funeral services, order of the service, etc. They might have an idea of what your loved one may like to have at their funeral service.

Consider assigning tasks to others to help you plan the day. Funeral directors can also help you organize the event as well.

4. Have All Necessary Documents

You’ll need to provide different documentation, such as a death certificate, before moving forward with a funeral service. This will also help you to cancel insurance claims and credit cards.

The death certificate will include your loved one’s social security number, name, parents’ names, date and location of death, cause of death, and marital status. You can receive a death certificate by requesting it online, through the mail, or by phone.

5. Write an Obituary

Next, you’ll want to place a death notice either online or in the local newspaper. Before printing, look into the price of using this. If you use a photograph, they tend to be more expensive.

Check the deadline for the obituaries as well. You’ll also need to include the place of birth, residence at death, their immediate family, any other surviving relatives, hobbies, age, and full name.

6. The Type of Funeral Service

When planning a funeral, you’ll also need to decide whether it’s a cremation and scattering of ashes, religious funeral, civic funeral, or green funeral. This will also decide what you and those who attend can wear to the service as well.

Planning a Funeral Service

Now that you’ve explored how to plan a funeral service, you should have a better idea of what to expect. Are you ready to plan the funeral or cremation services for your loved one?

Check out our different services today. We’ll ensure that your loved one will be respected and have a beautiful tribute in their memory.

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