How to Stay Positive During Challenging Times

Recent research has found that those who approach a school subject with a positive mindset perform better in it. This is just one of many studies that show how positive thinking affects our actions.

It’s easy to preach positivity, but it’s harder to put it into practice. It becomes even more difficult during times of loss and stress.

However, staying positive is important for those dealing with the loss of a loved one. The more resources and outlets you discover, the easier it will be to stay positive during a challenging time.

Find a Support Group

A support group can do wonders to boost your positivity. Comforting others while they’re going through similar hard times can give you a sense of fulfillment.

With a support group, you’ll gain a new circle of friends who can understand and uplift you by giving you comfort in return and sharing their positive coping mechanisms.

Repeat Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can do wonders if you’re struggling to stay positive.Positive affirmations can be used to remind yourself of the good in life.

There are plenty of free printable affirmation card decks online if you want a physical reminder. You can even find lists of affirmations for those going through the loss of a loved one.

Seek Professional Help

Positivity is something you practice, and it can take time to develop this mindset. If you’re struggling with anxiety and stress due to your loss, you may benefit from professional help.

A counselor or therapist can work with you to develop positive routines to get you through the day. They can also help you learn how to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Indulge in Your Favorite Hobbies

Many people find that practicing their hobbies gives them a sense of relief after a loss. Your hobbies and passions are a reminder of all the good that exists in your life. It’s also a good outlet if you struggle to put your emotions into words.

Depending on your hobbies, it can even serve as a way to memorialize or honor your lost loved one. For example, an artist may find comfort in creating portraits of their loved one, while a baker may enjoy making their loved one’s favorite baked goods.

Building a “Stay Positive” Mindset

There’s no guidebook on how to stay positive 24/7. However, building a positive outlook can certainly help you as you navigate the loss of a loved one. With the info above, you can discover a few ways to stay positive during this challenging time.

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