How to Throw a Life Celebration Honoring Your Friend or Loved One

When you lose a friend or loved one, your grief can consume you. It may feel like you have no energy left to plan their funeral. Thankfully, a funeral is not your only option.

In fact, more and more people are turning to a life celebration to memorialize friends and loved ones who have passed. These services allow grieving friends and family more freedom in how they choose to remember the people they have lost.

The funeral landscape is changing. People no longer want to be tied to a specific time or place when honoring those who have passed. Today, more than half of the population chooses cremation.

To find out more about life celebrations, check out the information below.

What Is a Life Celebration?

life celebration is usually held in a place of a traditional funeral or memorial. Rather than silence and grief, life celebrations attempt to bring joy and laughter. They are personalized events that celebrate the deceased’s life.

These events don’t have to replace a traditional service. They can also be incorporated or held separately.

When, Where, Who

Make sure to answer the three W’s before any other aspect of your life celebration plans. Who is invited, when will it be held, and where will it be held?

It’s a good idea to consult friends and family before planning when and where you will hold the event. This way you can avoid scheduling issues and consider their traveling needs.

The Host

It’s typically a good idea to hire a professional to host the life celebration. This way the stress of the event does not rest on your grieving shoulders.

certified celebrant is a trusted option for these events. They can create a custom ceremony that covers all the elements your loved one wants.

The Speakers

After deciding who, when, and where, you can fine-tune the details of the event. For example, most life celebrations have speakers that share happy and insightful moments with the deceased.

You will have to reach out to these potential speakers long before the ceremony to give them time to prepare.

Appropriate Activities

It may be difficult to decide on appropriate activities for your loved one. There are two activities that are always appropriate – eating and drinking. Don’t forget to decide what food and drinks to provide at the celebration.

You can also consider activities that honor your loved one’s life.

Literature or Music

At life celebrations, friends and family often decide to share meaningful music or literature. You can ask around to collect verses, excerpts, or songs that your loved one enjoyed, or that remind others of your loved one.

Plan Your Next Life Celebration

If you are thinking of planning your next life celebration, it’s important to ask for help. The stages of grief can zap your energy, and it can be difficult to do everything on your own.

The best help for planning a life celebration is a funeral professional. Don’t forget to check out our planning resources and contact us for more details.