How to Write an Uplifting Eulogy

When a loved one passes away it can be hard to remain positive. Many people have a negative outlook on death and they fixate on the loss instead of honoring the memory.

It’s okay if this sounds like you. When you’re given the job of writing and giving the eulogy, though, you want to leave some of your emotions at the door.

It’s normal to feel sad when a loved one passes but you need to know how to write a eulogy that will honor them and help bring the family and loved one’s peace. Keep reading for some tips to help.

Ask Everyone for Memories

While there’s often only one person writing the eulogy, figuring out how to write a eulogy for a mother, father, or even a friend requires the input of multiple people who knew and loved them.

You only saw a snippet of this person’s life. Other people have fond stories to tell. How did your loved one help them? What’s the most vivid memory that they have of the deceased?

Not only will this give you personalized fun content for your eulogy, but you’ll also get to bond with the other people in your circle and support each other while exchanging stories.

Remember Positive Attributes

What is it that you liked about your loved one? What qualities made them stand out?

Talking about how your loved one was a good storyteller, a superstar athlete, or even just a kind person who loved to bake will bring happy images into the minds of the people attending the funeral instead of sad ones.

It’s good to incorporate humor or funny stories into the eulogy if the person had that kind of personality. It can keep the funeral lighter and give some relief to people who are grieving. 

Consider This a Celebration of Life

Too many people get caught up in the grief of a funeral. This is a perfectly normal reaction, but try to consider the funeral a celebration of life. It’s a party to send off the deceased with honor. 

Everyone says that funerals are for the living and while there’s some truth to this you’re also all gathered to celebrate someone who has passed. It’s their party even if they’re not attending.

Thinking of the funeral as a party to help relieve people of their grief can help you think of the best words to put down. What would you be writing if you were writing a speech for their wedding, or a toast if they were getting a new job?

Imagine that your loved one is sitting in the audience with everyone else. This is their party; what would they want to hear?

How to Write a Eulogy: You’ve Got This

When you’re trying to figure out how to write a eulogy you might find yourself with serious writer’s block. How can you be uplifting at a time like this?

Just relax and remember that you know and love this person and that love can spill out onto the page.

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