Putting Your Love Into Words: How to Choose a Headstone Inscription

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things anyone can endure. It’s hard to know what to do.

There’s a time to cry and a time to grieve. But you also have to start doing things for your loved one. One of these tasks is preparing their headstone.

If your loved one wishes to be buried, their headstone is one of their lasting influences on the world. That’s why it’s essential you personalize the headstone. One of the most popular ways to do this is by planning the headstone inscription.

But here’s the problem — what do you write? Here’s how to choose the best inscription.

Avoid Cliches

You want to personalize your loved one’s headstone and describe their life and impact on others in a short phrase. But not everyone is a wordsmith. This is why so many people settle for clichés.

Instead, follow your heart.

Is there a specific phrase, saying, memory, or quote your loved one cherished? What about a verse from the text of their religious preference? Their inscription doesn’t have to be fancy but it should be unique to them.

What are some good examples of cliché inscription phrases to avoid? Good examples include: “in loving memory,” “here lies…” and “carpe diem.”

Keep It Simple

Going back to the previous point, writing a unique inscription doesn’t have to be a complex process. That’s because many over think the inscription or write a lengthy one.

Instead, keep it simple. A short and sweet inscription has a stronger impact than a long and exaggerated one.

Take Influence from Other Media

As mentioned previously, a good inscription idea is taking a piece of media your loved one cherished. For most, this is a quote from a religious text. But this isn’t your only option.

Is there a quote your loved one always said? Do they have a favorite line in a movie or a favorite song lyric?

Don’t Forget Design

The words aren’t the only important aspect of inscriptions.

The design will also make an impact. Be sure to choose the font wisely. Pay attention to the design of the wording and the letterforms. Printing the inscription on the top or the bottom will also make a huge impact.

All of these aspects should coincide with the shape of the stone.

Don’t Rush

When you’re facing death, there are many things that need to be rushed.

The headstone inscription isn’t one of them. It’s literally carved in stone so it’s better to take a little while longer to think the inscription through than write something you’ll regret later.

Need a Headstone?

Losing a loved one is devastating. If you’re making funeral and burial arrangements, don’t forget about the headstone.

Inscribing a headstone is difficult for most. It’s difficult to put someone’s life and love into words. Take our advice to write the most meaningful message. Always think of your loved one, plan the inscription thoroughly, and take your time.