The Benefits of Listening to Music When Coping With Loss

While the oldest musical instrument only dates back 40,000 years, scientific evidence suggests that melody preceded spoken word and actually helped it develop. This makes music historic and incredibly important to human existence.

While people tend to sing with joy, they can also turn to music for healing. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of listening to music when grieving a loss.

Processes Grief

Grief tends to carry a number of emotions. It can feel very confusing and difficult to know your own feelings.

Using music to help with grief can help you get a grasp on which emotions you are feeling. Songs can help you pinpoint your feelings, and naming them gives you some control over them.

Grief typically comes in five stages:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Your choices in music may switch with each phase as you find your way to acceptance. This provides an emotional outlet that prevents the griever from burying feelings in a negative way.

Calls on a Higher Power

If you believe in God or any higher power, music can help you call on the spirit. Many funeral services incorporate gospel hymns that praise God or ask Him to open up the gates of Heaven for the deceased to enter.

This helps loved ones to find solace through their faith. Thinking of God and Heaven reminds people of bigger plans and eternal life that we cannot yet comprehend.


Music triggers neural pathways that evoke vivid memories. This, in a sense, keeps lost loved ones present.

Some songs bring us back to a time where we danced with them or a place where we experienced one of our favorite moments together. Others simply sing of something that sounds like a sign from them. Remembering through music creates visceral sensations that make them feel very much alive, even after years of not seeing them.

Creates Connections

After a great loss, some people close themselves off to the rest of the world. This protection mechanism allows for healing at first, but can eventually cause damage when it creates isolation.

Humans need connection with one another to survive. It alleviates stress and depression, boosts immunity, and promotes longevity.

Music connects people in miraculous ways. Singing together releases endorphins, while simply enjoying the same song forges bonds.

Brings Joy

Even in times of sadness, using music to help with loss opens people up to joy. The vibrations, sounds, and lyrics all carry the ability to alleviate great pain and lift spirits.

Happy songs manifest the things they sing about. Sad songs can still sound beautiful. Plus, after they help a person open up to the emotions, they heal and create space for joy.

Reap the Benefits of Listening to Music

If you experience a great loss, do not feel hopeless. Enjoy the benefits of listening to music and watch how it heals you.

We understand that death is one of the most challenging parts of life. Though we never want to say goodbye, we must when the moment arrives. Read more on our website about what to do during such difficult times.

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