Tips for Sending Flowers to a Funeral

Sending flowers to those you care about when they lose someone can warm their heart and give comfort. Flowers make us happy, according to researchers at Rutgers University, regardless of the occasion and are proven to make us feel better. What better way to cheer someone up than to honor their life with a floral tribute.

Sympathy flowers can be sent anytime to those who are grieving, but funeral flower arrangements should be sent directly to those handling the funeral services.

Here are some tips to make sure your gesture is truly appreciated.

Choose the Right Arrangement When Sending Flowers

The type of funeral flower arrangements you send often depends on how much you want to spend. Some floral arrangements can have different meanings.

  • Bouquets – the most traditional way to send funeral flowers and are often carried home by the family
  • Baskets – bouquets placed in baskets and are often sat graveside
  • Wreaths – symbolize eternal life and are typically given by people who are close to the person who died. These are typically placed on stand next to the casket. These remain graveside after the funeral service.
  • Crosses – much like wreaths, but in the shape of a cross. These are typically placed on stands next to the casket and remain graveside after the funeral service.
  • Casket Sprays – large arrangements placed on or next to the casket and remain graveside after the funeral service. These are typically purchased by the family and are customized to represent the loved one.

Know the Right Flowers to Choose

To get the right flowers, you first must know what they mean. Different flowers carry different messages.

  • Lilies – rebirth and renewal with white lilies meaning peace and sympathy
  • Roses – they are popular because they come in a variety of colors with yellow meaning friendship and white meaning peace
  • Carnations – symbolize love and since they are also a popular Mother’s Day flower, they honor some who was a great mother
  • Chrysanthemums – mean support and encouragement
  • Gladiolus – mean character and strength
  • Potted plants – they are acceptable as well with pots of hydrangeas and orchids

Sending Flowers at the Right Time

Ordering flowers should be done soon after learning of someone’s death. Talk with your florist about sending funeral flowers directly to thefuneral director. They can make sure arrangements are put in their proper place adorning the casket.

The funeral director will also list all of those who sent flowers and will give that list to the family.

Writing a Message of Sympathy

Finding the right message in a time of grief can be difficult, but try to be positive. Make sure the family knows how much this person meant to you and the positive impact they had on you and others.

Making a personal connection with a story or phrase in a message is a very thoughtful way to send your sympathies rather than a general note of condolence.

Tips for Sending Funeral Flowers

Sending flowers at the right time with the right message can make all the difference to someone who is grieving.

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