What Happens When a Family Can’t Afford a Funeral?

When you have experienced the loss of a loved one, the last thing on your mind is money and funeral costs. Unfortunately, so many decisions must be made right away and many of those decisions involve financial matters and the cost of a funeral.

The average cost for a funeral is on the rise.

Not everyone has pre-planned their arrangements, and for those left, it can be confusing to know what to do. What happens when a family can’t afford a funeral?

There are some simple steps that can be taken to help in caseswhen the costs need to be lowered.

Who Pays For a Funeral

The estate of the deceased is responsible for the cost of final arrangements. The executor of the estate has the job of handling the bills.

If there is no money available in the estate, the person who signs the contract at the funeral home has to pay the bill.

There are so many questions that arise at the time of someone’s passing. Here aresome answers.


Some of the largest cost involved in a funeral is the casket and burial plot. Going with the option of creation will reduce the total amount of money paid out.

Cremation has increased in popularity in recent years. It is now a popular trend and there are beautiful options for loving reminders with the ashes.

Help From the Family

You should not have to shoulder the burden of paying for final expenses alone. Other members of the family may be able to pitch in.

Reach out, and maybe have a meeting. Go over the expected reasonable costs and ask what amount the others can comfortably contribute.

It is a good idea to create a budget and have someone in charge of keeping track of all the money coming in and going out.

Regardless of the decision regarding the costs, celebrating your loved one’s life is highly important. Here is information on help from afuneral celebrant.

The Loan Option

If your credit is in good standing, you can apply for a loan from your bank or credit union. Be sure you are prepared to make the payments without further burden to your finances.

Never use credit cards or a cash advance to pay for the funeral. The interest rate will be extremely high and it could take years to pay off.

Donating The Body

Another option that is growing in popularity is donating the body to science. It serves two purposes. The medical community can benefit from additional research options. In addition, the family is spared the expense of a funeral.

The biggest drawback to this option is the tight controls regarding accepting a body for research. The decision is made at the time of death depending on the condition of the body and which medical community is contacted.

There is no guarantee in this route, so a backup plan should also be in the works.

What Happens When a Family Can’t Afford a Funeral

There are no easy answers to the question of what happens when a family can’t afford a funeral.

It will take a little research and work, but the most important thing to remember is to take the time to celebrate your loved one’s life.

For answers to more questions, or with help during this difficult time, pleasereach out.