What Is the Best Way to Manage My Grief During the Holidays?

As you go through your daily life, you may not feel the loss of a loved one as much as you do during the holidays. The grief during the holidays can be the worst because you begin to think about all the memories you’ve had with your loved one. And how family gatherings will forever be changed without them there.

Certain traditions may bring back grief that you thought you’d dealt with. As you continue to read, you’ll find ways that will help you to cope with the holiday grief.

Grief During the Holidays

Does a particular song remind you of your loved one? Or perhaps it’s a specific smell that reminds you of their scent? There are ways that you can manage your grief during the holidays so that it doesn’t keep you from making memories with the ones that will surround you this season.

Grief Is a Part of Healing

Grief is an essential part of healing because it allows you to feel your pain and understand it. To heal from your pain, you’ve got to acknowledge that it exists instead of trying to ignore it and sweep it under the rug. Time can’t tell you when grieving is over, you’ve got to trust that your mind and body will finish grieving on its own timer.

Honor Your Memories

You should come up with a way to honor all of the memories that you made with your passed loved one. Whether that means creating a scrapbook dedicated to them or sewing a quilt of your favorite blankets. When you’re feeling sad, you can reach for that memento and look back on all of the memories you all made together.

Part of honoring their memory could be holding a celebrant service instead of the traditional service.

Feel Your Emotions

Part of the grieving process is feeling sad, angry, guilty, and many other emotions. And while it may sound silly to be angry with the deceased, it is entirely normal to feel that way. Allowing yourself to feel is an essential step in giving yourself the okay to heal.

There are several stages of grieving that you’ll need to work through to heal.

Ask for Help

Sometimes the grief that you are feeling may be too overwhelming for you to process by yourself. This is when you should ask for help, whether it be from a family member or a therapist. They can give you the advice you need and simply allow you to vent what your thinking instead of holding it in.

Be Kind to Others and Yourself

it can be easy to shut other people out when your grieving, but understand they are trying to lend you a shoulder to lean on. At the same time, be kind to yourself as well because while you may feel cruel for shutting others out, you may need some time to be alone without the interference of others.

Experiencing Grief During the Holidays

Grief during the holidays is complicated, but it can get easier as the years go on. It’s about giving yourself the time that you need to heal and understanding that there is no set amount of time to finish healing.

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