What to Write on a Sympathy Card

There’s a time and a place for everything. Difficult moments in life are uncomfortable to assess, particularly for those not directly involved. How do you show you care without sparking grief or calling attention to yourself?

Well, comforting a loved one through tough times isn’t always easy. It takes time, patience, and understanding. If you care wholeheartedly about someone, there are a few ways to show it with a chance to cheer them up.

A time machine would be great to reverse whatever happened. Impossibilities aside, you can commit with sympathy messages. Consider the following suggestions for exactly what to write.

Show You Understand

Sympathy messages are between you and a loved one. The connection you share needs to show in your communication. Try to maintain composure in written form, while displaying compassion.

In a way, you have to help them figure out exactly what they should do in their situation.

Word selection, of course, is essential. Don’t be afraid to check online for synonyms that might better represent how much you care. Consider focusing on past experiences you cherish, and how you’ll always be present.

While uncomfortable, you have to mention the event or events that have taken place. Try to make this one sentence to minimize any potential negative impact. This is necessary to communicate that you realize the gravity of the situation.

It’s Not About You

A common mistake that people make all the time when writing a condolence card, is to focus on themselves. This is usually in good faith, and only to show that they understand a person’s pain.

Don’t do this. Sentences like, “I’ve been through the same thing, and I know it’s hard,” appear to help. They do the opposite and feel more like you’re trying to shift the conversation to yourself.

Keep all words pointing in their direction. Limit mentioning yourself as much as possible. Showing sympathy isn’t a virtue signal, it’s meant to show that you care.

Avoid Negative Energy

Stay upbeat. Point to the future and what it holds for you and your loved one. No matter how painful life can be, there’s always a tomorrow. You should write things of this nature¬†after showing you understand, otherwise, it can come off as quite strange.

Regardless, it’s essential to remind the person that others care for them, are present, and want to continue enjoying life with them around. Express how much you value them.


Making someone smile or laugh while passing through difficult times is an art form. It can go quite well, or extremely poorly. Think twice before making an attempt.

However, mentioning funny moments in the past that you’ve shared with the other person can work like a charm. It’s somewhat magical how these memories can push a smile while tears roll down someone’s face.

You should generally avoid humor. But if it feels right, and comes from the heart, it might be worth it.

Sympathy Messages Work

Sympathy messages can completely change someone’s day. They’re like a glimmer of light in a dark room offering hope and comfort.

Showing you understand, focusing on them, and providing positive energy are the best ways to comfort them.

If you get stuck, don’t worry. Start writing and your heart, emotions, and love should spill onto the page.

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