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Funeral Celebrant Services

What is a funeral celebrant?

A certified funeral celebrant works with the family to create and conduct a ceremony befitting the beliefs, ideals, and wishes of the deceased and their loved ones.

Our certified funeral celebrants provide an added value to celebration of life services that is unique: compassionate understanding. Your celebrant will work with you throughout the entire process and gain insight into what best fulfills the wishes of you and the deceased. This information will be used to construct the perfect, custom ceremony that celebrates the life of the deceased in a way that is truly meaningful.

Advantages of Using a Celebrant

  • Secular ceremony preferences

    As the number of individuals who associate as non-religious continues to rise, more and more families are utilizing the services of a funeral celebrant. With this option, loved ones are able to honor the religious or spiritual beliefs of the deceased while still providing an outlet for healing and a means to say goodbye.

  • Those without a church or clergy member

    While the deceased may have been religiously-affiliated, not everyone has a church or clergy member they can call on for funeral or memorial services. A celebrant is able to bridge that gap and provide the appropriate ceremony services you are seeking.

  • Personal & memorable ceremony

    Your loved one lived a unique life and their ceremony should reflect that. Funeral celebrants use meetings and discussions with loved ones to collect stories, memories, songs and experiences that paint a picture of the person they are honoring, and create a service that is personalized and heartfelt.

  • Collaborative services under one roof

    Having both funeral directors and certified funeral celebrants on staff allows us to seamlessly coordinate products and services with the appropriate personal touches.

Discover your options with a certified funeral celebrant by calling one of our funeral home locations.