A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Plan a Memorial Service

Oh no! There’s a death in the family. The news came as a shock and is unsettling.

Sending a shockwave to your friends and family, you are unsure of what to do next. With so much planning, you can barely hear yourself think. You need help.

Death is difficult to deal with. When you lose someone, there is so much to do. You don’t even know how to plan a memorial service.

Do not panic, as we are here to help. This guide will calm you and your family down. To help you plan a memorial service, please keep reading.

1. Decide a Style

The level of formality is something you want to keep in mind when planning a memorial service. Your choices range from something more lowkey and intimate to more extravagant and fancy.

Will the memorial service be closed to the general public or open and available to all?

For tighter budgets and casual attendances, we recommend a picnic or backyard setting. For the more formal crowd things like ushers, caterers, flower arrangements, and food and refreshments are top of mind.

Recall what the deceased would have wanted or preferred. Let their heart, spirit, and soul guide you.

2. Locate the Venue

There are many options you can choose from churches, homes, funeral homes, hotels, country clubs, beaches, or parks. Decide on something that is from the heart but also easy to find for everyone involved.

For those affiliated religiously, a place of worship is fitting. Keep in mind, you may have to book the venue months ahead along with a clergyman. Remember to ask ahead if there will be a fee required for services.

For those without a religious tie-in, a funeral home is appropriate. Costs include staff, facility, and merchandise selected. Our Funeral Directors will be more than happy to answer your questions and concerns.

For those seeking a more intimate approach, consider your home. Time is not as much of a constraint when choosing these options. Friends, family, and loved ones will have ample time to attend, stay, and mourn.

3. Participants

When the setting is religious, clergy will most definitely be incorporated in the memorial service. If elsewhere, clergy will be more than accommodating to officiate.

When deciding who your clergy person will be, you’ll want them to know the deceased on a personal level. That way, a eulogy, and chosen readings will be that much more soulful.

Aside from a standard clergy, you could opt for a secular celebrant. A friend or family member will also suffice for leading the memorial service.

Think intimate and personal with this approach. People close to the deceased could handle readings, share stories, or act as staff. Children are great for handing out flowers and flyers as well.

4. What’s the Date?

One crucial part of memorial service planning is selecting the date. This will often occur a couple of weeks after the passing. You’ll want to consider travel arrangements for your guests.

Try not to feel like you need to schedule something right away.

5.Who Are the Guests?

Once you have the time, date, and venue, you can now start to invite your guests. These days, posting on social media is acceptable.

For a more personal approach, you’ll want to use letters or phone calls.

Look to Us on How to Plan a Memorial Service

Our step-by-step guide on how to plan a memorial service is here for you whenever you may need it. It is not an easy pill to swallow hearing of someone’s death.

We are here for you and want to make your life easier. If you need assistance with a memorial service, we’ve got your back.

Contact us today to get proper accommodations in place. You’ll be glad you did.

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