How Can You Honor a Loved One With a Monument?

You’ve recently experienced the loss of a loved one. As you prepare for the funeral or celebration of life, you want to commit to honoring this loved one’s life and all the beautiful memories you have of them.

By investing in a custom monument inscription, you can represent your loved one’s legacy and also create a comforting space to visit them whenever you miss them.

You can customize aspects like the size, color, and inscription on the monument’s face. And these are just a few ways you can personalize this memorial piece.

Planning the details for a monument might seem complicated at first. You might wonder, “where can I set up a monument?” Don’t worry, you can use this guide to better understand your options for a headstone monument.

Headstone Options

There are a few different base options when selecting your headstone style. Depending on your family’s desires, you may also be adding your loved one’s monument to a double or estate monument.

Or, maybe you’ve decided to start a family monument to keep everyone together once they pass on.

Plus, you can continue to commemorate their life each time you visit their gravesite with flowers, thoughts, and love.

Upright Headstones

Upright headstones are the most common type of headstone that sits at the head of the gravesite. It is a dignified piece to represent your loved one’s resting place.

You can design and select the inscription to best fit the deceased’s life. The size and shape of the headstone are also customizable.

Slanted Headstones

The slanted headstone is slightly different from an upright headstone. It may have a wider base, and the face is slanted upwards. This style can look a bit more dramatic and bold for those who wish to use it.

Obelisk Burial Monument

If a headstone doesn’t seem significant enough to honor your loved one, an obelisk monument will certainly do them justice.

This style was formed by Egyptians thousands of years ago. The tall stone pillars are selected as a burial monument less frequently than other headstones, as they require a bit more investment and space.

However, they help create a significant memorial to the deceased, especially if they passed in a striking way or lived a particularly spectacular life.

Materials to Consider

Depending on which headstone style you decide on, you’ll have a selection of materials and colors to choose from. For monuments, granite stone or bronze metal are the most frequently used materials.

Each material also has a variety of qualities that may affect the appearance of the stone, as well as different shades from which to make a selection.

Monument for Your Loved One

You’ve probably been asking, “are monuments for deceased loved ones a good choice?” The answer is yes, creating a fitting monument to celebrate a person’s life is a great way to honor them.

If erecting a headstone monument for your loved one feels like a good choice, you can find more monument options, and begin the personalization process on this page.

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