How to Give a Eulogy That Honors and Celebrates a Loved One

Preparing to say goodbye to a loved one is hard. The loss, emotions, and memories can be challenging to grapple.

People come to funerals to offer their condolences to the family and to remember and honor the deceased. One way people remember the deceased is through the eulogy.

If you’ve been asked to give a eulogy, not only are you feeling your own grief but probably some added pressure to get it right and tell the stories most meaningful.

Read on to learn some tips for giving a eulogy that will honor the deceased in the best way possible.

What to Share

To eulogize someone you want to pick the best stories and memories. Yet, you might be staring at a blank paper frozen about what to share.

First, ask for input from loved ones and closest friends. They might not want to get up and speak but they will have stories that you can incorporate into your own eulogy.

Consider the best traits of the deceased. If they are known for their generosity or sense of humor or motherly ways. Choose a theme or two and weave what you share around those ideas.

You obviously know the deceased well or you wouldn’t be delivering the eulogy. Tell a few stories that best highlight what kind of person they were.  

Remember Your Audience

Remember, not everyone might know the deceased the way you did. So, share stories and memories that create a picture of their life.

They might have been your roommate from college. But there are likely family members and work colleagues in attendance at the funeral.

Cater your eulogy to the audience not only to your own personal experiences.

Emotions Rule the Day

Most people delivering a eulogy are terrified of breaking down while speaking. Don’t be. If you cry while speaking, it’s okay.

Funerals are all about emotions. Nobody will judge you if you start to cry sharing an important memory.

Likewise, funerals aren’t only for sadness. It’s okay to share lighthearted memories and to make people laugh.

Write It All Out and Practice

Now, for practical advice. Emotions will rule the day and there may be times you feel overwhelmed delivering the eulogy. For this reason, write it out.

Don’t assume you can remember it or speak off the cuff. This is not the kind of speaking you should do without preparation.

Write out the entire speech and take it up with you when you deliver it. When you get overwhelmed, you can rely on the words in front of you to carry on.

Practice presenting your eulogy out loud several times before delivering it. It helps you to work through those moments when you will get emotional and be prepared for them in front of the audience. 

Give a Eulogy to Honor the Deceased

Give a eulogy that honors and remembers the deceased by telling loving, important, and even funny stories about them. You can never go wrong by truly speaking from the heart about them.

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