Letters to Heaven: Saying the Things You Left Unsaid

The yearning to communicate with a loved one who has passed on can be intense. Communicating can be a form of closure; a way that you can say those things you always wanted to. Research even shows that healthy habits like knowing how to express yourself can help to heal the pain.

We are often used to praying as a form of communication. But what if we were to take to pen and paper speaking exclusively to that person? Read on to find out how letters to heaven can help you.

What Are Letters to Heaven?

A letter to heaven is simply that; a letter. You can do with it what you please. All you have to do is sit down and write out whatever you’d like to say to your loved one.

Some people prefer to seal these letters, take them to the funeral service, mail them off, take them to the home of the loved one, bury them, keep them, float it away on a balloon, send them down a stream, or even burn it. It is up to you and how you see fit that you get your letter to your loved one.

It is important to remember that letters mailed to heaven are sent the moment they are written and sealed. You don’t need a mailing address.

Why Write a Letter to Heaven?

Life is precious. There are times when those we love are taken from us too soon or we simply didn’t get to say something we wanted. There is a higher plan that doesn’t always line up with ours.

Writing letters to a loved one in heaven can be beneficial to your mental health, healing, and outlook. Writing your thoughts down has been determined to improve your clarity. For example, when you took to your diary in your teenage years, you likely felt a bit better.

Not only does writing love letters to heaven create an open line of communication but it also helps you process your feelings.

How to Write a Letter to Heaven?

This depends on you and the person. There is no wrong way to write a letter to heaven. Whether you are writing letters to bothers in heaven or writing to your life partner, the letter is completely yours to create.

You might talk about how things are, your hopes or dreams, something you wanted to say but couldn’t, wish them a happy birthday, let them know how you are feeling, or whatever may come to mind.

Communicate With Your Special Person

Your special person may be gone from the physical world but they will forever be with you. Letters to heaven can open up a line of communication for you. You don’t have to just do this for closure but you can continue to check in on them.

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