Reconnecting With Friends

Reaching Out: 4 Tips for Reconnecting With Friends

Have you lost touch with someone who used to be your best friend?

It’s difficult making friends as an adult, so you may be interested in reaching out to old friends you once had a strong connection with.

Reconnecting with friends can be awkward, but that shouldn’t keep you from doing it! There are friendships to rekindle, and you may even find this friend had been wanting to reach out to you too!

If you’re wondering how to reconnect with a friend, here are four ways to do it.

1. Use Social Media

Possibly the easiest way to reach out to old friends is through social media. If you follow your friend, you’ve likely already been keeping tabs on what’s going on in their life and you may even have a good sense of their personality so you’d know if you’re still compatible.

Simply commenting on one of their posts or sending them a message may be all it takes to pick up where you two left off!

2. Bump Into Them

If you happen to run into your friend out in public, you have a natural way of reconnecting with your friend. Starting some small talk with them will put you back on their radar and maybe lead to follow-up conversations online or in-person.

One way to do this is to frequent a place that your friend has raved about in the past. Starting to visit that place yourself may give you the opportunity of running into your friend naturally.

3. Ask Mutual Friends

When trying to reconnect with lost friends, you can ask your mutual friends about what your old friend is up to. This allows you to get some information on your old friend and may even lead to your mutual friends mentioning you to your old friend. If your old friend hears you’ve been asking about them, they may take the initiative and reach out to you first!

Asking mutual friends can also help you decide if now is the right time to reach out. Reconnecting with childhood friends can be tricky, but mutual friends can encourage you to stay positive and give you the final push you need.

4. Give Them a Call

If you’re trying to reconnect with an old friend, an easy way to do that is to give them a call. Calling is convenient because you can easily fit it into your schedule. Just be sure your friend has time to have the phone call.

If you get nervous about talking on the phone, you can also send a text and let your friend know you’re interested in catching up. Additionally, leaving a voice message is a more personal way to let your friend know you’re interested in catching up.

Reconnecting With Friends You Lost Touch With

Now that you know of a few easy ways of reconnecting with friends, it’s time to branch out! It’s up to you to make the most of your life, so invite some people to experience life alongside you!

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