The Different Types of Cremation Services Explained

In 2019, 54% of Americans chose a cremation service as their preferred method to honor their loved ones. Cremation is increasingly becoming one of the most popular ways to say goodbye to someone who has passed.

Cremation is more affordable and provides an easier time for the family to plan the funeral and memorial. But, did you know there are several different types of cremation services? If you are stuck deciding between the kinds of cremation to choose from, then keep reading our kind to learn more about the topic.

Direct Cremation

Out of all your options, a direct cremation service is the most simple. About 48-hours after death, the body undergoes cremation. Since this affordable choice does not involve a memorial or funeral service, there is typically no embalming.

However, if you are stuck deciding between cremation options, the funeral director might go ahead with the embalming process. If you prefer that your loved one not be embalmed, make sure to express these concerns with the funeral home. After cremation, your loved one’s remains will be placed in an urn and safely delivered back to you.

Witnessed Cremation

This service allows a select few family members to be with their loved ones as they enter the cremator. This service lets them say their final goodbyes. It also gives them a chance to offer any last-minute keepsakes.

Some choose this service to calm their fears of cremation. By witnessing the act, the family can ensure the respectful handling of their loved one’s remains.

Cremation with a Memorial Service

A memorial service does not require the body to be present. You can have your loved one cremated and still hold a service to honor the person’s memory.

If you choose this service, then you get everything you would with a cremation package. You also get the option for a memorial or celebration of life.

Cremation with a Traditional Funeral

The benefits of cremation with a funeral service offer the chance for friends and family to view and visit the remains. During this time, the body has not undergone cremation.

Instead, you decide on a special cremation casket that will be either open or closed during the service. After the traditional funeral ceremony, the body is cremated in place of burial.

Ash Scattering Service

If you do not wish to place your loved one’s remains in an urn, then you can choose an ash scattering service. Speak to your funeral director to see where you can lay the ashes down.

Many people choose a place that holds significance to their loved one, like an ocean or a nature park. Once you decide on an area, let your funeral director know. If it is on private property, you will need to get permission to scatter the remains.

For More Types of Cremation

There are several types of cremation for you to choose when honoring a loved one. You can choose to be simple with a direct cremation or ad in a memorial or funeral service to say goodbye to your family member.

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