Tips for Planning and Hosting a Successful Funeral Reception

There comes a time when our loved ones will pass away and we’re given the difficult task of carrying out their funeral and the reception afterward.

While it can be tough to even think about, being prepared ahead of time can make things just a little easier. Here are some tips for planning and hosting a successful funeral reception.

Think About the Tone

Many people want their after-funeral gathering to be a fun and positive one that celebrates their life. This allows everyone to remember good memories and see a shining light through darker times. Humor can actually help with grieving and healing, so it may not be a bad idea to make the funeral reception into a celebration.

On the other hand, other people will want more traditional and somber post-funeral receptions. So think about how your loved one would’ve wanted their funeral reception to be like and do your best to honor their wishes.

Determine the Time, Date, and Location

Many people hold funeral receptions right after the service, or they wait a few hours in between. Some even hold the reception days afterward.

If you have guests coming in from out of town, then the first two choices might be better. Otherwise, if everyone’s local, you have more flexibility in choosing the time and date for the reception. Make sure the reception location is closeby to the hotels¬†that attendees are staying at to make it¬†easier for logistics.

Plan for the Food and Drinks

The attendees will certainly get hungry and thirsty, especially if the reception is right after the funeral, or just a few hours later. Grieving can be very draining, so you want to make sure everyone’s well taken care of.

Make sure you arrange for refreshments like tea, coffee, and water. Depending on when the reception is, you might want to have food catered or have a potluck where everyone brings a dish. Another choice is to just arrange for some light snacks to go with the refreshments.

Add Personal Touches

You’re all gathered to remember a special loved one, so why not add some personal touches? For example, you can gather up some photos, both from your own collection and from others.

You can also collect some of their treasured personal items that’ll be nice to share with the attendees. Transferring all the flowers and plants that were sent to the funeral home over to the reception can be a nice touch as well.

Honor Your Loved One’s Memory With a Great Funeral Reception

With our tips on planning a funeral reception, you should now have a better idea of things like holding a funeral luncheon or other funeral reception ideas.

Of course, it’s not easy doing everything on your own. That’s why it may be in your best interest to work with seasoned professionals, like the Kuzo, Foulk and Cleveland Funeral Homes. Our staff members have decades of experience helping people like you plan wonderful funeral receptions.

Would you like some help planning a funeral reception for your loved one? Then get in touch with one of our funeral homes. We’ll assist you with honoring their memory.