What Is a Funeral Celebrant?

Funerals are growing more secular. 26 percent of Americans do not identify with a particular religion. Even more Americans say they do not attend church services regularly.

But this does not mean that funerals have to go away. If you are planning a secular or non-religious funeral, you can turn to a funeral celebrant for support.

What is a funeral celebrant? What kinds of secular ceremonies can you perform at a memorial service? How can you help the celebrant plan the best event?

Answer these questions and you can arrange a personalized and touching event for your loved one. Here is your quick guide.

The Basics of a Funeral Celebrant

A funeral celebrant is a person who organizes and conducts a funeral service. They are not a member of the clergy, and most do not perform religious services.

Most celebrants describe themselves as secular humanists. They do not believe in a higher power or an afterlife, but they try to live as conscientiously as possible. Some are influenced by religious doctrines, and many are well-read in books like the Bible.

Celebrants can receive training and degrees in planning funerals. The National Funeral Directors Association and other groups offer training programs for celebrants to take. Look for these qualifications when examining the backgrounds of celebrants.

What Non Religious Funerals Can Look Like

Secular funerals can follow similar models to religious ones. The celebrant can begin by offering an opening statement, thanking everyone for coming. Friends and family members can then offer stories about the person who has passed away.

Someone who knew the person well can deliver a eulogy. This can be a close friend or a community leader. Many ceremonies allow for a moment of silence so people can reflect on their own thoughts.

In between speeches, family members can perform readings. These can be works of prose and poetry, and they can be songs. Some funerals also accommodate time for musical performances.

Some funerals take the form of a celebration of life . Most celebrations are held in someone’s home and involve activities like releasing butterflies.

Planning a Funeral With a Funeral Celebrant

A funeral celebrant can create a personalized funeral. Many sit down with family members and ask them what they want for the service.

When you meet with a celebrant, spend time conversing with them. Talk about your loved one’s life and character. Discuss some readings and music you would like for the service.

They may need a few days to formulate materials for the event. You can ask them for a draft of what they are working on.

If you plan on saying something, run by your plan with them. In the event that you cannot finish your remarks, they can step in and help you.

Get Support For All of Your Plans

A funeral celebrant can help you plan any funeral you like. Most celebrants are people who do not follow a particular religion. They can perform entirely secular events, but they can accommodate any request for religious ceremonies.

Most non religious funerals focus on storytelling, readings, and songs. An event can be more of a celebration of life as well. Talk to a celebrant and outline all of your ideas for the occasion.

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